“Karen is able conceptualize development proposals that supersede the norm in order to connect potential donors with an opportunity to participate in solution-based research. I believe that Karen’s potential to become an international leader in the NGO/nonprofit sector inspires others around her. Karen’s teamwork approach is flexible and she is able to assist on domestic and global health grant proposal development very easily."  April Edrington; April is the Senior Director of Institutional Partnerships at Harvard School of Public Health. This statement expresses her personal view and does not represent the official view of the Harvard School of Public Health.

Karen Renae Owens is a remarkable woman and a natural leader. I had the good fortune
to have Karen's professional acumen and personal aplomb as part of my group in a
scientific/medical setting that was temporarily fraught with tensions. Karen saw us through
this complicated transition period with grace, sensitivity, professionalism and humor.
Her dedication and personal commitment to all that she does makes her exceptionally
valuable, and an asset to all those who interact and work with her.

Andrea Talis, PhD, Director, Program Development and Scientific Interaction, Tufts University Medical Center Cancer Center

“Ms. Owens exceeded our expectations at every stage of the implementation of our project.
The quality of her work was consistent. Her problem-solving skills were outstanding, and
her exceptional ability to communicate ideas in writing and orally made her an asset to
our team. Equally important to note, her superior interpersonal skills made a complicated
project seem effortless.”

Reverend Dr. Madeline McClenney-Sadler, President, ExodusFoundation.org

“As a global business consultant, I’ve met quite a few business leaders with zeal, gusto and
promise; and Karen Owens is certainly one of them. Her ability to lead, motivate others and
get results is simply one of the best out there. She approaches leadership development in
an easy to understand way that is germane to today’s evolving global marketplace. She is
credible, awe inspiring, and savvy – you’ve got to see her in action. Simply impressive!”

Tirza Johnson, PMP®, CSM®, Principal, Johnson-Brome Business Consulting, LLC

“Karen Owens is a natural leader, driven but kind, always setting a good example.
Inquisitive, unafraid souls like Karen are destined to constantly learn. She is a smart
woman and an asset to any workplace as a consultant.”

Eugenie Bisulco Giovanniello, Communications Consultant, United States Embassy Rome, Italy

“I had the privilege of working with and getting to know Karen at the Clinton Foundation
where she worked on both our domestic initiatives and our global health initiative in
Lesotho. She was an asset to our Foundation team, both substantively and as a role model
and mentor to other staff members. Karen draws upon her experiences, coupled with her
business background, global perspective, and dedication to helping others, in motivating
and inspiring others as a speaker
Bruce Lindsey, Chief Executive Officer, William J. Clinton Foundation

Karen is a vibrant leader who thinks strategically and acts globally. She is gifted with the
ability to combine her years of corporate business experience with her philanthropic efforts
to positively impact any organization that is fortunate enough to have her. I look forward to
working with Karen Owens again in the future
Pamela Osborne, Director Global Enterprise Strategic Marketing & Planning, AT&T Business Solutions


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