What We Offer

Karen Renae Owens Consulting LLC is uniquely positioned to offer its clients trusted advisory services because our team has worked for some of the world’s leading corporations, most esteemed global nonprofits and served in global ministries across multiple continents. Our work is characterized by our guiding principle of GPS: Global Perspective Synergy© and we apply this principle to help our clients solve the problems and remove the barrier that impede their efficacy in your target market.

Our firm offers top-notched advisory and consulting services as well as customized seminars and workshops for continual learning. We take pride in inspiring, informing and igniting excitement in audience across the globe with keynote addresses by Karen Renae Owens.

 Interested in Consulting Services?

Are you a nonprofit that needs to incorporate business techniques to professionalize your operations? Does your organization need a global strategy for increased effectiveness and expansion? When was the last time your nonprofit conducted a program audit to measure how mission-focused your activities have been? Are you a small business owner who needs to grow your business but you don’t know where to start? Does your charity need to increase fundraising efforts? Our consulting services can help you resolve these problems and so much more!

Want a Customized Seminar or Workshop?

Do you need someone to train your staff on leadership development principles via an interactive seminar? When was the last time you provided in-service workshops for your congregation and witnessed their personal growth? Do you need someone who is fully invested in your success but not embedded in your organization to deliver a clear message to your team? Does your team have a global synergy that produces results for your clients or congregation? Are you aware that teambuilding is essential to your organizational success? Let us customize a seminar or workshop for your team at your venue on your timetable.

Need a Keynote Speaker?

Are you tired of boring keynote addresses that leave your audience sleepy instead of super-charged? When you hire a keynote speaker, are you looking for someone who is authentic, respected, humble and successful? Did your last keynote speaker build trust with your audience? Do you want a speaker to share her unique journey with your congregation that will fortify their faith? Call Karen Renae Owens today to book a truly catalytic keynote address for your next event.

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