November 8th is ELECTION DAY in the USA!


Today is a monumental day in the United States of America. We finally were able to vote for our next president...The President of the United States of America. What an honor to cast your vote as citizen of your country to choose the next leader. I am not in the USA right now, so I had to vote via absentee ballot. 

This election was a clear choice about leadership. As an entrepreneur, you can never ever take for granted the importance of strong and visionary leadership. As a Corporate Social Responsibilty consultant, I am often asked to design leadership development workshops to help people prepare for serving their communities. Reinvesting back into a community is business function. It is necessary, especially as we prepare for the next generation of leaders. 

Today, I reflect on leadership as the USA is on the brink of making history by electing a leader who has served her country for over 30 years. I am proud to stand WITH HER. Stong leadership requires preparation, knowledge and most of all integrity. I am proud to be an American today and a small business owner.

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