Discipline, Determination & Dedication

After church this morning, the last thing that my body wanted to was go for a run as a part of my ING NYC Marathon training. I went for a run yesterday and was underperforming such that I stopped my jog just after 2 miles. Yesterday, I was a bit discouraged.

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Marathon Lessons: Ready, Set, Focus!

I am a first time marathon runner...and of all the marathons in the world that I could have chosen as my first...I chose the NYC ING Marathon. So in just over 66 days, I will put my mind, body and soul to the test as I set out to run 26.2 miles throughout the 5 boroughs on New York City.

For the next 65 days, I will take to my blog to capture the lessons that I am learning (and earning) along my journey. Specifically, I will relate my lessons to leadership development, goal setting, determination, strategic planning, success and failure.

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